Four Tips for Being a Great Dad like Michael Squellati

Michael Squellati wants you to know that you can always improve on your dad skills. He is the father of a four-year-old son, and he will be the first to tell you that it’s a learning process. You don’t become Ward Cleaver overnight. However, there are some tried and true rules for being a good father that you should certainly consider. Remember, your child is now the most important part of your life so you owe it to him or her to try to be the best.


Tips from Michael Squellati


Put the Interests of Your Child First: However you lived before you had your child, please know that you might have to make some changes. For example, if you used to go out on Saturday nights, you will likely need to develop a new Saturday routine to take care of your child. If you had any bad habits, those will have to go as well as they don’t set a good example.


Give Your Child a Hug and Show Affection: Some dads may be a little apprehensive to show that softer side, but it is important for a child to receive that affection and physical touch from both parents if possible.


Protect Them: Your number one job is to protect your child. This means making your home as childproof as possible. It also means providing them with health insurance and life insurance so they can receive quality health care and financial protection as well.


Play with Them: Michael Squellati always makes time to play with his son. This doesn’t mean just sitting in front of the television either. You should go outside and play games that will not only entertain your child but teach him or her a thing or two as well.


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